• The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team

    Phil Jackson

The Team

The firm is composed of an extensive team of professionals (lawyers and economists) fully qualified to do the work they do, supported by ongoing training and regular meetings at which each client’s situation is analysed, sharing information on significant issues.

The goal is to enable our professionals to have a clear vision of each client’s situation and needs from which they can provide personalised guidance and defend the client’s interests with maximum efficiency.

We seek to convey a “prior guidance” philosophy aimed at avoiding unwanted situations and avoidable costs.

“At Casanovas, we are convinced that developing an approachable, accessible team focused on finding personalised solutions is the best way to build the trust and peace of mind that our clients need”

We recruit responsible, reliable professionals with a service-driven outlook as our best guarantee for maintaining our leadership position in the field of management consultancy.

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