Company law
  • Formation, restructuring and dissolution of business enterprises.
  • Formation, restructuring and dissolution of joint-property entities, private partnerships, foundations, cooperatives and associations in general.
  • Capital increases and reductions.
  • Appointment and removal of administrators.
  • Granting and revocation of powers of attorney.
  • Adaptations and amendments of articles of association.
  • Drafting the minutes of shareholders’ and board of directors’ meetings.
  • Business restructuring operations (mergers, divisions, share swaps, contributions of business branches, etc.) with application of special tax treatments and rebates.
  • Mediation and negotiation in business conflicts.
  • Attendance at shareholders’ and board meetings.
  • Acting as secretary of boards of directors.
  • Business transfers.
  • Business and legal reports and statutory audits.
  • Arbitration.
  • Real estate: purchase and sale, swaps, mortgages, segregations, groupings, declarations of new construction, horizontal property divisions, etc.
  • Lease agreements for business premises and dwellings.
  • Loan and participation account agreements.
  • Agency and distribution agreements.
  • Works contracts.
  • Commercial contracts in general.
Inheritances and donations
  • Guidance on inheritance and donation-related issues.
  • Wills, inheritance contracts, marriage agreements and documents related with inheritances and donations.
  • Study, formalisation, distribution and handling of inheritances.
  • Donations.
Family business
  • Study, planning and strategic consulting for generational renewals.
  • Formalisation of family protocols and their monitoring, with management support.
  • Optimisation of the taxation of family estates.
  • Specific tax guidance for pharmacies.
  • Transfer of pharmacies (sale, donations, successions, partial transfers, etc.).
Bankruptcy law
  • Advice, planning and monitoring of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Advice to administrators on bankruptcy issues.
Marriage law
  • Pre-nuptial agreements.
  • Separation or divorce agreements.
  • Financial and tax study of the separation of assets and awards.

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