• We succeed by making each step a goal and each goal a step

    C.C. Cortéz

About Us

Casanovas Assessors Fiscals, SLP is a firm run by lawyers and economists, with a track record exceeding 55 years, specialised in legal and tax consulting for companies and private individuals.

Our firm was founded in 1960. Over more than five decades, it has grown steadily, first under the management of Martí Casanovas Ogué and later of Martí Casanovas Lax, grounded on the professionalism and reliability of our services.

Some years ago, Laura and Sílvia Casanovas Sanmartín joined the firm as members of the third generation. With these new additions, the firm is now equipped to face the challenges posed by future business developments with total confidence and solvency.

Our firm combines experience and enthusiasm, practice and innovation, with the unflagging commitment to optimise our professional services and deliver maximum added value to our clients.

Our work philosophy is based on personalised service. We are convinced that each solution must be unique, founded on analysis, prevention, 360º perspective and long-term vision.

“Through the years of experience accumulated in consulting, we have acquired specialised, first-hand knowledge of our field, which is combined with an in-depth understanding of the key aspects of our clients’ businesses as a fundamental prerequisite for responding to the needs of each case”

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